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The origin of Santa Claus

There was once an old man, whose name was Nicholas, who loved to help poor people in his life. One time he helped three poor little evacuation three bags of gold they were sold to escape the misfortune. When Nicholas secretly among them a bag of gold sent one woman, he put the gold, just from which a Windows thrown in to go into the scene in the wall of a stocking. So, the gift of socks on Christmas gifts from house to house method to candy!
It is said that Christmas Eve night, Christmas husband guild driving a reindeer sled loaded with gifts ready to send some of this year to show very good little friend, he will quietly climbed into the house from the chimney, the gift stuffed in the bed socks. So, the children will always be the strips of colour profusion stockings at the head of a bed, and socks next to put a cup of hot milk to quench their thirst toiled Santa Claus, wwW.JueJu.CN.and send gift to yourself. Every day every child can not wait to open the ceremony, to know what they get reward.
Arrived in 1822, a Dutch missionaries to the great philanthropist story spread to the United States, American businessman more special marketing gimmick, the annual use of this festival fanfare advertising, make a lot of money, in Asia, Japan and other countries would follow their example. So the custom of decorating the Christmas old people to celebrate the Christmas has come to the rest of the world.