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Use of quartz powder


Quartz powder does not divide grade, cent specification only.Because it has high whiteness, no impurities, low iron and other characteristics, so the application of a wide range.

Ceramics and refractories: raw materials such as porcelain embryo and glaze, high silicon brick for kiln, common silicon brick and silicon carbide.Metallurgy.

raw materials or additives and fluxes of silicon metals, ferrosilicon alloys and silicon-aluminum alloys.


Construction: concrete, cementitious material, road-building material, artificial marble, cement physical performance test material (namely cement standard sand), etc.

Chemical industry: raw materials of silicon compounds and sodium silicate, fillers of sulfuric acid tower, amorphous silica powder.

Machinery: main raw materials and abrasive materials for molding sand casting (sandblasting, hard abrasive paper, sandpaper, emery cloth, etc.).

Electronics: high-purity silicon metal, optical fiber for communication, etc.

Rubber and plastic: filler (can improve wear resistance).

Coating: filler (can improve the weathering resistance of coating).