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GTO dispersion

GTO dispersion


Product description
The product is based on the characteristics of nano ATO, doped with other metal oxide preparation of modified ATO nanometer material with superior insulation performance and the modification of ATO nanometer insulating medium, such as the transparent and heat insulation of the nano ATO physical properties, there are also different from the characteristics of nano ATO, especially under 1000 nm wavelength near infrared region block IR is far greater than the ability of ATO, ITO blocking ability of IR to near infrared under 1000 nm cut off the extraordinary ability.And the heat of the most sensitive to human skin area is below 1000 nm near infrared region, so use this insulation medium preparation of all kinds of automobile glass, construction glass with sunscreen sunscreen insulation coating or glass heat insulation paint, can greatly improve human comfort, greatly saves the energy, to achieve more effective warm in winter and cool in summer, to create a more comfortable, environmental protection, energy saving indoor environment provides technical guarantee, the technology to fill the gaps at home and abroad market.

Product  features

ITEM NO Apearance Solid content Particle size IRR UVR VLT Solvent Impact on the optical Dispersion Use note
Trun-GTO-L1 Blue  liquid 16% ≤40nm ≥99% ≥99% ≥80% MEK、EA、
On the near infrared (IR) under 1000 nm cut off the extraordinary ability, can greatly improve the heat insulation performance Can be used for all kinds of acrylic, polyester, organic silicon resin system bottle when used to pay attention to environmental humidity, if is not recommended when the environment humidity is more than 65%

Product Application
1. Manufacture all kinds of transparent sunscreen insulation film, all kinds of sunscreen insulation paint transparent glass.
2. Effective save time: 180 days (less than 60% humidity environment preservation).
3. Save temperature: 5-25 ℃.
4. Dry environment can prolong preservation.

Added directly to the corresponding resin system, can also be added to the ATO, ITO and other mixed metal oxide nano slurry system.Suggested content: 5%-20%