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  • Use of quartz powder

    Quartz powder does not divide grade, cent specification only. Because it has high whiteness, no impurities, low iron and other characteristics, so the application of a wide range. Ceramics and refractories: raw materials such as porcelain embryo and glaze

  • What are the prospects and USES of zirconium

    Zirconium powder is flammable in air and can be used as detonator and smokeless powder. Zirconium can be used as an additive to deoxidize and desulphurize high quality steel. It is also a component of armor steel, cannon steel, stainless steel and heat re

  • The origin of Santa Claus

    There was once an old man, whose name was Nicholas, who loved to help poor people in his life. One time he helped three poor little evacuation three bags of gold they were sold to escape the misfortune. When Nicholas secretly among them a bag of gold sent

  • The Origin of Christmas

    Christmas Day-December 25-which celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, the founder of the Christian religion, is the biggest and best-loved holiday in the United States. According to the Bible, the holy book of Christians, God decided to allow his only son

  • Application of GaN in 5G

    Application of GaN in 5G

  •  zirconium


  • Metal powder colors

    Metal powder colors

  • Applications of nickel powder

    The magnetic fluid produced by iron, cobalt , nickel and its alloy powder has excellent performance, and the nano nickel powder is widely used in sealing shock absorption, medical equipment, sound adjustment, light display and so on. High efficiency catal

  • Natural silica is generally hydrophilic and hydrophobic must be post-treated

    Natural silica is generally hydrophilic and hydrophobic must be post-treated. Silica (chemical formula: SiO2) is an acidic oxide, and the corresponding hydrate is silicic acid (H2SiO3). Silica is the most important compound of silicon. The natural silica

  • what is a hydrogel?

    what is a hydrogel? Hydrogel is a gel in which water is the dispersion medium. A water-soluble polymer having a network cross-linking structure introduces a part of a hydrophobic group and a hydrophilic residue, and the hydrophilic residue is combined wit