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PTFE Poly Tetrafluoroethylene powder cas 9002-84-0

PTFE Poly Tetrafluoroethylene powder cas 9002-84-0

PTFE Poly Tetrafluoroethylene powder cas 9002-84-0


Superfine Poly Tetrafluoroethylene PTFE Features:
1. Superfine Poly Tetrafluoroethylene PTFE superfine powder-B01 is a star product of the factory.
2. It keeps the features of polytetrafluoroethene, such as, good chemical stability, strong acid resistance, strong alkali resistance, high temperature and low temperature resistance, and it has better dispersing property!
3. PTFE superfine powder-B01 is mainly used in coating, lubricating oil, engineering plastic, plastic modification, cosmetics, rubber, medical apparatus and instruments, and other fields. 

ITEM NO Appearance Particle size Purity Moisture content Tensile strength Elongation at break Apparent density Thermal weight loss%Wt Molecular weight Melting point Decomposition temperature Melt viscosity
PTFE-P1 white fine powder 5,12um 99% ≤ 0.03% 8.0 60% 0.56 g/cm2 ≤ 0.2 10000-30000




Superfine Poly Tetrafluoroethylene PTFE Application:
1. PTFE superfine powder-B01 has kept excellent performances of PTFE, and it has advantages including high degree of crystallinity, good dispersion, etc.
2. It is widely used in synthetic materials to improve the lubricating property, wear resistance and flame resistance of base materials. Moreover, it can also be used as additive for lubricating oil, printing ink, coating, and etc. 
3. PTFE superfine powder-B01 can be used as modifier for synthetic materials. It is reported that all modified engineering plastics with lubricating performance contains PTFE superfine powders or fine powders. It can be used in producing gear, bearing and pulley, etc. 
4. PTFE superfine powder-B01 can increase surface properties and volume performance of rubber, for example, add 10% PTFE superfine powder in organic silicon rubber, fluororubber, EPDM and polychloroprene can increase friction performance and wear resistance of main polymer. 
5. In printing ink field, PTFE superfine powder-B01 can be added in offset printing, intaglio printing, flexible printing ink as additive, and the dosage is 0.1%-3% of solid. It can greatly improve the smoothness, glossiness of ink, improve friction resistance of printing products.


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    PTFE Poly Tetrafluoroethylene powder cas 9002-84-0

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