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Molybdenum Dithiophosphate MoDTP cas 72030-25-2

Molybdenum Dithiophosphate MoDTP cas 72030-25-2

Molybdenum Dithiophosphate MoDTP cas 72030-25-2

I. Summarize: MoDDP is a synthetized oil-soluble liquid organic molybdenum anti-friction & oxidation resistance additive, produced with advanced process. It is applicable in internal engine oil, gear oil, lubricating grease and other industrial oil. It can improve lubricant anti-friction significantly; can decrease abrasion of friction pair surface efficiently; it also has favorable oxidation resistance under high temperature. CAS No.: 72030-25-2 II. Typical Physicochemical Properties Item Physicochemical Properties Appearance Claybank liquid Density(15.6℃)g/cm3 1.0-1.05 Kinetic Viscosity(100℃ mm2/s) 7.0-15.0 Flash Point(open-cup ℃) ≥130 Mo % 8.5-10.0 Sulphur % >9.0 Phosphorus % >3.0 Solubility Easy soluble in mineral oil & synthetic oil III. Recommended additive dosage Lubricant oil 0.2%-1.0% Lubricating grease 1%-3% IIII. Package, transportation & storage Packaged with 200L galvanized barrel, barrelhead has antiseep and waterproof measure, barrel can bear moderate strength impact. Barrel is marked with product name, general security measures, related producing lot No. and so forth. Transportation: suitable for road, railway, sea and airway transportation. Danger class equals to common chemicals, take SH0164-1995 (national industrial standards of China) as referred executive standard, and its MSDS report. Storage temperature: stored at -30℃—60℃ warehouse. Its color might be darkened for long-term storage.