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HTS nano loess dispersion

HTS nano loess dispersion

HTS nano loess dispersion


Product description
HTS nano loess dispersion is the solid content  10% of the loess water-based nano paste, safe environmental protection, non-toxic tasteless, small particle size, uniform dispersion, easy to use.Loess at nanoscale, in addition to greatly improve the properties of loess itself has, also appear all sorts of other functions, such as raise colour beauty, to treat some skin diseases, and so on.

Product  features

ITEM NO Apearance Solid content Particle size Density
Trun-HTS-L1 Yellow  liquid 10% ≥15nm 1.05g/ml

Product Application
1. Significant moisture, release the far infrared.
2. Adsorption to remove the skin cutin and waste in pores, make skin tender and smooth.
3. To deep clean the skin thoroughly the various impurities, oil material and excess cutin, and form a protective film.
4. Supply the skin needed for a variety of mineral nutrition, release the beneficial to human body of far-infrared and negative ions.Have a significant effect in terms of increasing skin physiological activity.
5. Supply the skin moisture, lasting keep skin moist, make the skin more tender and white, clean and bright.
6. Use for a long time to make the rough skin to become fine and smooth, to gradually improve the skin, the skin will become moist and elastic.
7. Widely used in cosmetics, beauty skin care products, skin care, daily necessities, etc.


1. Cosmetics 20-30 PPM.
2. Processing fabrics 500-1000 .
3. Daily chemical products 100-200 PPM.