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Al2O3 Nano Aluminum Oxide dispersion series

Al2O3 Nano Aluminum Oxide dispersion series

Al2O3 Nano Aluminum Oxide dispersion series


Al2O3 Nanoparticles Dispersion Inspection Report (COA) Standard

ITEM NO Crystal Appearance particle size Assay Al2O3 Solvent Iron Arsenic Pb
Al2O3-L1 Alpha White Liquid 30nm ≥20% 80% Water ≤3ppm ≤2ppm ≤10ppm
Al2O3-L2 Gamma Translucent liquid-white 10nm ≥20% 80% Water ≤25ppm ≤1.2ppm ≤2ppm
Al2O3-L3 Gamma Translucent liquid 15nm ≥10% 90% of 2-Propanol  ≤23ppm ≤1.5ppm ≤2ppm
Al2O3-L4 Gamma Translucent liquid 15nm ≥20% 80% of Ethylene Glycol ≤23ppm ≤2ppm ≤1.5ppm

Al2O3 Nano Dispersion Application:
1. Special coatings, rubber, plastic wear-resistant reinforcement, advanced waterproof material.
2. Vapor deposition materials, fluorescent materials, special glass, composite materials and resin materials.
3. Catalyst, catalyst carrier, analytical reagent. 9. Can be used as electroplating slurry, nickel, zinc, etc.
4. Transparent ceramics, high-pressure sodium lamps, EP-ROM window;
5. Cosmetic filler.
6. High-strength aluminum oxide ceramic, C substrate, packaging materials, cutting tools, high purity crucible, winding axle, bombarding target, furnace.
7. Precision polishing material, glass products, metal products, semiconductor materials, plastic, tape, sanding belt.
8. Single crystal, ruby, sapphire, sapphire, yttrium aluminum garnet.


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    Al2O3 Nano Aluminum Oxide dispersion series

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