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Ge High purity Nano germanium dispersion

Ge High purity Nano germanium dispersion

Ge High purity Nano germanium dispersion


Product description
High purity Nano germanium dispersion adopts  the pure natural high purity 99.999% organic germanium consumption level and consumption level material as base material, through the production of nano preparation technology and high-tech means, put organic germanium into secondary processing to obtain high concentration, High content of monomer, nano germanium solution is the core of high purity organic germanium as monomer nano germanium, core-shell morphology for food grade materials, to form a particle size is less than 15 single spherical nano germanium solution, colorless, tasteless, low toxicity, transparent, safe and reliable.Stability, good compatibility, can be arbitrary proportion dilution and dissolved.GE * 132 different with nano germanium and organic germanium in very limited solubility in water, organic germanium particle is larger, usually 200 mesh to 300 mesh, white, not transparent, and can only be dissolved in water at room temperature for 2 ~ 3% of organic germanium, strong acid, PH = 2 ~ 3, use rise has some limitations.

Product  features

ITEM NO Apearance Solid content Particle size Water solubility Solvent
Trun-Ge-L2 Colorless, odorless transparent  liquid 50000ppm ≤15nm 100% Distilled water

Product Application

The company in the process of the research of nano germanium, surprises nano germanium containing a large number of negative ions and far infrared energy release.Therefore, we think the product to improve and promote the body's immune function and microcirculation has certain curative effect.

Records from the data, effect of germanium in general have the following several aspects at home and abroad, only supplies the reference:

The company in the process of the research of nano germanium outside of nano germanium were found to contain a large number of negative ion far infrared energy release.

1, toxicity and metabolism of germanium:

Japan reported organic germanium rich feet Ge - 132 acute and subacute toxicity test, and points out that the mice with different doses and the different method to make a lot of subacute experimental dose of 0.03 g/kg, 0.3 g/kg, 3 g/kg, organic germanium Ge - 132 oral six weeks, two sets of results and the normal function of each organ, urinalysis performed pathologic examination no obvious change in liver and kidney, enter human body quickly be absorbed, rapid uniform distribution in different organs.Using 90% after 3 h urine excretion in vitro, almost no residual after 12 h, prove that organic germanium Ge - 132 belongs to no accumulation of trace elements in the body.

2, germanium immune regulating function:

Japanese island of water on the immunoregulatory effects of organic germanium Ge - 132 are discussed in this paper, the experimental results show that the organic germanium Ge - 132 is not only a kind of immune enhancer, and is a kind of immune modulators.Proved that organic germanium Ge - 132 cancer, hypertension resistance, anti-aging effect is through the body to induce interferon and enhance the activity of nk cells, macrophage activation.The author carries on the organic germanium on the immune function of silicosis rat of experimental study, the results showed that the thymus cell proliferation and the spleen cell proliferation reaction has increased, silicosis c mainly because of a weakened immune system, organic germanium long-distance feeling improve the immune function of silicosis rats.

3, antitumor effects:

Institute of Japan sasaki sato, m.d., Ph.D., et al., water type in rat's abdomen, liver cancer and bladder cancer in the study, the first confirmed the anti-cancer effect of organic germanium, Japan's use of organic germanium Ge - 132 for more than 50000 cancer patients has obvious curative effect, including lung cancer, liver cancer, reproductive tract cancer and leukemia.Countries such as America and Sweden conducted showed that treatment with organic germanium Ge - 132 112 cases of late-stage cancer illness, the 64%, no side effects.Shanghai reported for the treatment of malignant tumor with organic germanium Ge - 132 with anticancer medicines to improve curative effect, effective rate was 60% - 70%.Henan 1992 synthetic organic germanium treatment for lung cancer, liver cancer, bone marrow, with organic germanium 300 mg, 3 times/d oral, combined with other anticancer drugs, curative effect can reach 80%, no side effects.As for the treatment of various kinds of effective dose of the tumor, to continue to explore, through experimental research proved that organic germanium antitumor effect by germanium in regulating immune function is implemented.

4, resisting lipid peroxidation:

Mitochondrial alcohol Zhang Peijin enema on alcohol caused mice elevated lipid peroxidation, significantly inhibited, illustrates the organic germanium inhibition of lipid peroxidation.Experiments show that organic germanium of free radical scavenging effect significantly, reported by organic germanium superoxide results rats blood germanium increased obviously, improved the superoxide dismutase (sod), and remove the superoxide, thus lipid peroxides, between groups were significantly different, shows that the organic germanium has anti lipid peroxidation, thus lipid peroxidation resistance has anti-inflammatory, antitumor, antihypertensive and adjust the immune function and anti-aging effect.Against lipid peroxidation activity and aging mechanism is complex, factors, organic germanium can enhance immune function, resisting lipid peroxidation, regulating endocrine function, cancer and high blood pressure, can manifest the organic germanium anti-aging effect.

5, germanium and other element relationship:

Animal experiments confirmed that synergy of germanium and selenium and zinc, germanium and the right amount of selenium can prevent arteriosclerosis, in clinical of germanium and selenium can anti-tumor, prevention and treatment of liver disease, anti-aging.Someone reported organic germanium 30 mg and organic selenium 5 mg in the treatment of coronary heart disease than single with germanium or selenium effect is good.Selenium can increase the bioactivity of germanium, interaction of biological function, the results found a synergy of germanium and selenium.

Suggest use (for reference only)

Mainly used in the treatment of health care medicine, beauty cosmetics, functional textiles and functional coating paper products, functional coatings, etc.