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Ge Nano germanium dispersion, 15nm, 50ppm

Ge Nano germanium dispersion, 15nm, 50ppm

Ge Nano germanium dispersion, 15nm, 50ppm


Product description
Nano germanium dispersion organic germanium ore powder is used as raw material, after processed preparation technology of nano germanium dispersion, security, environmental protection, dispersed evenly, easy to use.Germanium has dehydrogenation ability, it can keep body sufficient oxygen, thus increasing the blood oxygen content, safeguard human health.Protection of red blood cells, resist radiation outside attacks, make them.Germanium can combine with "waste" in the body, and blood vessels in the body wall of excess protein adsorption, and the cancer cells will also be 20 ~ 30 hours, carrying the "waste" of germanium, automatically from the body.Japanese scientists add germanium in honey and so on food and health care products more, to develop the health care function of germanium.Help activate the enzyme, promote cells metabolism, keep skin tender luster.

Product  features

ITEM NO Apearance Solid content Particle size Density Solvent
Trun-Ge-L1 Black liquid ≥50ppm ≤15nm 1.01g/ml Water

Product properties
1. To activate the body's immune cells, increase the phagocytosis of cancer cells in the body.

2. To purify the blood, you will be the excess protein and toxic substances on the walls of blood vessels.
3. Have strong dehydrogenation function, increase the blood oxygen oxygen uptake.
4. The function of the far-infrared emission.

Used in all kinds of health care products, cosmetics.

According to the 3-5ppm concentration added to the water system.