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BN Powder, 99%, <10um

BN Powder, 99%, <10um

BN Powder, 99%, <10um

Product Description
Boron nitride Chemical Properties
density  2.29
storage temp.  -20°C
Merck  14,1346
Stability: Stable. Incompatible with oxidizing agents, water.
CAS DataBase Reference 10043-11-5(CAS DataBase Reference)
NIST Chemistry Reference Boron nitride(10043-11-5)


Technical data

Grade   PG SG CG-F
Typical Applications   Cosmetic Industry, high purity ceramics

Paints and coatings
Mold and die release agents
Ceramic Coating
Dry Lubricants

Misc. applications including ceramics
Appearance (dry state): Color Pure White White White
Chemical composition:   Typical Specifications Specifications
  Chemical formula: BN BN BN
  Total B+N 99.6% 99% min 77% min
  Calcium 0.014% n/a n/a
  Free Carbon 0.001% 0.02% max 0.02% max.
  Iron 78 ppm n/a n/a
  Oxygen 0.03% 0.45% max 12% max
  Soluble Boron 0.2% 0.25% max. 2% max
  Chloride 38 ppm n/a n/a
  Aluminum 78 ppm n/a n/a
  Silicon 0.001% n/a n/a
  Lead <0.1 mg/kg n/a n/a
  Arsenic <0.1 mg/kg n/a n/a
  Mercury <0.1 mg/kg n/a n/a
  Magnetic Metals 0.07% max. 0.07% max 0.07% max
  Moisture: 0.1% 0.1% max 0.1% max
Physical data: Particle Shape: Similar to Graphite Similar to Graphite Similar to Graphite
  Particle size D50 5.46 um 5.46 um 5.46 um
  Surface Area 7.4 m2/g 7.4 m2/g 7.4 m2/g
  Bulk Density 0.4 g/cc3 0.4 g/cc3 0.4 g/cc3
  Tap Density 0.45 0.45 0.45
  Structure Hexagonal Hexagonal Hexagonal


Product Property:
Hexagonal boron nitride crystal structure similar to graphite layered structure, showing loose, smooth, easy to absorb moisture, light, and other traits of the white powder, the so called "white graphite." Theoretical density of 2.27g / cm3, Mohs hardness 2.
Point, nitrogen 0.1MPA 3000 ℃ sublimation, in an inert gas melting point 3000 ℃, the reduction in a neutral atmosphere, heat to 2000 ℃, temperature up to 2200 ℃ in nitrogen and argon, stability in an oxygen atmosphere poor, can be used to 900 ℃. Expansion coefficient of hexagonal boron nitride is equivalent to quartz, but quartz thermal rate of ten times.
Hexagonal boron insoluble in water, when water boils hydrolyzed very slowly and produce a small amount of boric acid and nitrogen; and weak acids and bases are not at room temperature, slightly soluble in hot acid, with molten sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide to decompose.
BN technical indicators: 1, size 99, BN≥99% B2O3≤0.5% particle size D50 (um) ≤2.0 2, size 98, BN≥98% B2O3≤0.5% particle size D50 (um) ≤2.0

Hexagonal boron nitride can be used to produce TiB2 / BN composite ceramics can also be used in advanced refractory and super-hard materials, even rolling horizontal separation ring for high-temperature and high-temperature lubricant coating is also a synthesis of cubic boron nitride raw materials.
(1) are widely used. HBN is very excellent in high-temperature lubricity, can be used as a lubricant, it can be dispersed in a heat-resistant grease, water or solvent; sprayed onto the friction surfaces, solvent evaporation until dry to form a mold; filling resin, ceramic, metal surface layer as a high-temperature self-lubricating composite material. BN suspension white or yellow oil, which in the textile machinery not pollute fiber products, can be used on a large number of synthetic textile machinery lubrication.
Special electrolysis

(2) a high temperature state, resistive material.
(3) high-temperature solid lubricant, squeeze anti-wear additives, additive producing ceramic composite materials, refractories and antioxidant additives, especially in the case of corrosion resistance to molten metal, such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other neither wet nor happen effect. Therefore, it can be used as a crucible melting evaporation finance, boat, liquid financial delivery tubes.
(4) transistors desiccant and heat-sealed plastic resins and other polymer additives.
(5) boron nitride products, can be used as high temperature, high pressure, insulation, cooling components. In the electrical and electronic industries in a wide range of applications.
(6) aerospace heat-shielding material for control rods absorb neutrons reflect the heap.
(7) participation in the catalyst, the process can be converted to high temperature and pressure as hard as diamond cubic boron nitride.
(8) atomic reactor structural materials. In the electronics industry, used in the preparation of gallium arsenide, gallium phosphide, indium phosphide crucible, a semiconductor package thermal plate, rod cooling phase shifter, a traveling wave tube collector heat pipe, semiconductor and integrated circuit level P-type diffusion source and microwave window. thk linear guide
(9) Aircraft, rocket engine nozzle. Heating pipe casing and high temperature, high-frequency, high-voltage insulated cooling components, high-frequency applications furnace material. Thermocouple protection tube.
(10) high-voltage high-frequency electric and plasma arc insulator.
(11) To prevent the neutron irradiation of packaging materials.
(12) for the continuous casting of steel stripper ring, amorphous iron flow notch, continuous cast aluminum mold release agent (a variety of optical glass remover) on metallurgy
(13) do all kinds of capacitors film aluminum, aluminum tubes, monitors and other aluminum evaporation boat. (14) all kinds of fresh aluminum bags. hiwin ball screw
(15) all kinds of aluminum laser anti-counterfeit trademark gold foil materials, various enlarging, beer label, packaging, aluminum and so on cigarette packaging.
(16) Cosmetic filler for lipstick, non-toxic but also lubricity, and glossy lipstick is the best in France.
(17) Boron nitride also be used as additives to fill a variety of materials. Boron nitride, boron nitride processed into fiber, high modulus function for the Chinese fiber is an inorganic synthetic engineering materials, can be widely used in the chemical industry, textile industry, aerospace technology and other cutting-edge industries.


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